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AS 1684.2010 Residential Timber-Framed Construction Non-Cyclonic With AMDT 1/2

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This Standard specifies requirements for building practice and the selection, placement and fixing of the various structural elements used in the construction of timber-framed Class 1 and Class 10 buildings as defined by the Building Code of Australia and within the limitations given in Clause 1.4. The provisions of this Standard also apply to alterations and additions to such buildings.

This Standard also provides building practice and procedure that assist in the correct specification and determination of timber members, bracing and connections, thereby minimising the risk of creating an environment that may adversely affect the ultimate performance of the structure.

This Standard may also be applicable to the design and construction of other classes of buildings where the design criteria, loadings and other parameters applicable to those classes of building are within the limitations of this Standard. Includes 45 supplements on CD-ROM.


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