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Plumbing & Drainage Guide

This guide explains in simple terms the general principles of the building codes and standards for sanitary plumbing and drainage in Australia and New Zealand. It is intended as an aid for designers, builders, students and owner builders. It also serves as a useful reference guide for plumbers, drainers and building officials. This book covers most common plumbing and drainage solutions.

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This guide explains, using graphics and simple explanations, the general principles and requirements of the building codes and standards applicable to sanitary plumbing and drainage in Australia and New Zealand. The guide is intended as an aid and quick reference for designers, builders, students, plumbers and drainlayers and building officials or surveyors.

The information it contains will meet the overall requirements of AS/NZS 3500 for both Australia and New Zealand and the requirements of New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) Clause G13 Foul water. Where individual States have modified AS/NZS 3500, these modifications should be referred to. The original standards or code clauses also need to be referred to, but this guide is invaluable as a quick reference and aid to understanding these documents. The easy to follow diagrams, with minimal but clear text, are an essential tool for understanding the complexity of plumbing systems and the regulatory documents surrounding them.

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